Auntie Rustic Meaning Gift Wooden Plaque Vintage Sign Gifts

Auntie Rustic Meaning Gift Wooden Plaque Vintage Sign Gifts


Plaque Size:

Product Description

Auntie rustic word meaning gift ideal for a special Auntie at Christmas or on her Birthday.

This wooden MDF plaque is personally laser cut and professionally printed directly onto the plaque. 

Design: A printed MDF plaque with a rustic wooden effect background with a vertical word and horizontal meanings.

Wording: Auntie is written vertically then the following words go through Auntie horizontally: Happy, Funny, Kind, Smart, Caring and Great.

Occasion: Birthday, Christmas, General Gift

Recipient: Auntie, Aunt

Material: Printed MDF

Type: Indoor (not suitable for outdoor use)

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Material - Printed MDF

Size Information:
  • 14cm = 141mm wide x 141mm high x 3mm thickness
  • 20cm = 200mm wide x 200mm high x 3mm thickness
  • 30cm = 300mm wide x 300mm high x 3mm thickness
Product Code - Auntie_Gift_Rustic_Meaning_Sign_LSW1807

What is Printed MDF?

Light weight 3mm thick Medium Density Fibreboard which when laser cut gives beautiful dark vintage bronze edges.The front face is printed with a matt textured finish, the back face is natural brown.