Personalised Christmas Hugs 2022 Little Hug Token for Friends & Family Gift & Keepsake

Personalised Christmas Hugs 2022 Little Hug Token for Friends & Family Gift & Keepsake


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Send a little christmas hug to friends and family you can't see during Christmas 2020. These personalised little christmas hugs are perfect mini tokens to send virtual hugs to a loved one. If you miss someone special or want to let a friend or family member know you're thinking of them over the festive period then you can send a little christmas hug as a gift or keepsake from you or the whole family.

Token reads: "a little christmas hug" with a bauble design, plus you can personalise the bottom line with any custom text. Single pocket hugs are supplied with 1 small organza gift bag and packs of 12 or 26 are supplied with 1 large organza gift bag.

Colours: Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Pink, Blue or Red (reverse is matt grey)

Material: 3mm Mirror Acrylic

Pack Size: 1 Single, Pack of 12 or 26

Token Size: Each token measures 28mm wide x 28mm high x 3mm thickness (approx 3cm)

Wording: a little christmas hug (this cannot be changed)
- Personalise bottom line (max 20 characters)
- Each pack includes the same personalisation

Personalised Wording Ideas:

  • just for you
  • love name
  • we miss you
  • from the jones family
  • to redeem later
- Text will be scaled and centred accordingly as shown in our example photos.
- We will copy & paste text exactly as you type so please double check spelling and capitals.

Ideal Gift for: Family, Friends, Grandparents, Nanny, Grandad, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle, Auntie Mom, Dad, Mummy, Daddy, Colleague, Neighbour

Occasion: Christmas, Thinking of You, Motivation, Miss You

Please note:

  • Each pack ordered include 1 organza gift bag, i.e a pack of 12 will be supplied with 1 large bag.
  • Colours of organza gift bags may vary.
  • This item is personalised and produced to order so is not returnable
  • In the unlikely event it arrives damaged please send us a picture of the damage including the packaging within 24hrs of receipt and we will be happy to send a replacement

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Material - Mirror Acrylic

Size (Width) - 28mm (approx 3cm)

Size (Height) - 28mm (approx 3cm)

Size (Thickness) - 3mm

Product Code - christmas-hugs-little-hug-tokens-LSW2000

What is Mirror Acrylic?

Like-for-like, Acrylic Mirror is very similar to the reflective qualities found in standard glass mirror however it is less than half the weight of glass. Although mirror acrylic will not splinter like glass these items are delicate and should be handled with care. The front face is reflective and the reverse is matt grey.